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„fruit, seeds“: Alba Hurtado

Artist: Alba Hurtado


„Point of view“, it’s all in how you see things, (oil on canvas 50×50 cm)) 

„Self-faced“, getting to know me, (oil on canvas, 40×50 cm)

hello! I’m Alba Hurtado, a former fashion designer who transitioned into a social media content creator. Originally from Mexico, I discovered that my true passion lies in creating and sharing. Throughout my career, I’ve found a unique way to combine my love for fashion with my desire to explore the world. traveling has always been a great inspiration for me, and while exploring new places, I rediscovered my love for art, especially through techniques like oil and watercolor. After graduating, I had the opportunity to work as a professor at the university where I studied. this experience taught me the gratification of teaching and sharing knowledge with others.

However, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to digital teaching, I discovered a new passion for creating content through videos and tutorials. thus, my YouTube channel was born, where I share my experience in fashion design, weaving techniques, painting and travel tips. My life philosophy is based on following my passion and believing that everything happens for a reason. I firmly believe in saying „yes“ to new opportunities, as they can always lead you to unexpected and exciting places. When I’m not creating content or teaching, you can find me exploring new destinations, immersing myself in different cultures, and learning new things. I love sharing my knowledge with others, while continuing to explore and grow personally and professionally.

This is my incredible journey!

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„fruit, seeds“ is a multimedia group exhibition by which the artists intentionally locate and expose themselves and their works in the between, the “still fi guring out” and the (un)becoming – a process which requires constant watering, so as to reap what is sown.

curated by: Tonica Hunter

“fruit, seeds” takes place in the framework of the Avalon Mentoring programme, which brings together emerging young artists with established artists and mentors in the cities of Vienna and Bratislava. AVALON is an Erasmus+ Project that Fremde werden Freunde is implementing together with the Bratislava Policy Institute.

o-funded by the European Union by the ERASMUS+ programme.


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Fremde werden Freunde„fruit, seeds“: Alba Hurtado