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Philippe Doos


I am Philippe Doos. An almost 24 years old Egyptian. I am an optimistic pessimist.

I subscribe to the fact that life, in it is most fundamental form, is suffering. But I also believe that there is a way to transcend from that suffering by voluntarily pushing oneself. Thus taking on the most valuable responsibilities one could think of. I, therefore, try to constantly see what is wrong with myself and try to set it right. Which in return influences my environment, friends and family positively.

I like to challenge ideas. Precisely the ones most people (including me) would not feel comfortable talking about. I believe that once we collectively start to adopt as much responsibility, honesty, courageousness and openness as we can, we will make the suffering of existence less. This is the reason I am working with Fremde werden Freunde. A great platform that connects me with many people with different backgrounds, where a dialogue that leads for truth can begin.

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