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„fruit, seeds“: Ami Hajizah Siregar

Artist: Ami Hajizah Siregar


Precious gift

About the process: Painting with acrylics on canvas is an emotional and multi-step process. Optimistic girl who sees the best in herself is the subject of this artwork. On canvas, the use of blue, black, and white can evoke a range of feelings. The color blue is associated with tranquility, while the color black is associated with confidence and clarity. Bring some tranquility into a girl’s life by combining these hues…

Sunflower season

Painting with acrylics on canvas is an emotional and multi-step process. The use of green, yellow, and black in art has the power to provoke a wide range of emotions. Under the sun’s rays, they discovered everlasting vitality, optimism, and comfort.

As the Sun never sleeps, the Sunflower never stops shining its light on my spirit, filling me with love and warmth.

About me: A girl fuelled by creativity and passion. Captures the essence of life, inspiring joy and imagination.



„fruit, seeds“ is a multimedia group exhibition by which the artists intentionally locate and expose themselves and their works in the between, the “still fi guring out” and the (un)becoming – a process which requires constant watering, so as to reap what is sown.

curated by: Tonica Hunter

“fruit, seeds” takes place in the framework of the Avalon Mentoring programme, which brings together emerging young artists with established artists and mentors in the cities of Vienna and Bratislava. AVALON is an Erasmus+ Project that Fremde werden Freunde is implementing together with the Bratislava Policy Institute.

o-funded by the European Union by the ERASMUS+ programme.
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Fremde werden Freunde„fruit, seeds“: Ami Hajizah Siregar