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„fruit, seeds“: Sedra Hamami

Artist: Sedra Hamami

Artwork: „18“, „Untitled“



‫I don’t know what’s wrong with me..

I am afflicted with the curse of coldness and lack of interest, angry calm or perhaps quiet depression, a contradictory feeling… a deep sadness prevails in my heart, I just want to sleep! Very scattered thinking, no calm in my world, a severe headache tearing apart the cells in my head, I get angry quickly, I get sad quickly, a hard heart and an indifferent mind, I run away from everyone who approaches and search for a way to leave this world or perhaps change it! I look at myself, and a painful, lonely story appears before me, containing no words or letters! Rather, it speaks with the sound of colors, shapes, and even lines, but tell me..

How do I go through it when all the colors of life are reduced to black in my eyes?


My soul is back..

She was stuck in the middle again, between being uprooted from my body and remaining holding on to the last lifeline.

Everything came back to me

Except myself



„fruit, seeds“ is a multimedia group exhibition by which the artists intentionally locate and expose themselves and their works in the between, the “still fi guring out” and the (un)becoming – a process which requires constant watering, so as to reap what is sown.

curated by: Tonica Hunter

“fruit, seeds” takes place in the framework of the Avalon Mentoring programme, which brings together emerging young artists with established artists and mentors in the cities of Vienna and Bratislava. AVALON is an Erasmus+ Project that Fremde werden Freunde is implementing together with the Bratislava Policy Institute.

o-funded by the European Union by the ERASMUS+ programme.
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Fremde werden Freunde„fruit, seeds“: Sedra Hamami