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Empowerment Workshop mit Yelvilaa Bodomo

The Empowerment Workshop mit Yelvilaa Bodomo will be held in english and is aimed at BIPOCs and people with a refugee or migration biography.

The life of an artist comes with many highs, lows, and everything in between. This workshop is an exploration of your relationship to your art practice and career. During this session, you’ll learn to: uncover your “why”; find your focus; and tap into your resources. Take charge of your process as you navigate your journey as an artist.

Yelvilaa Bodomo  a.k.a. YIELU is a music artist and vocalist based in Austria. With a D-I-Y approach to art practice and career-building, she has shaped her own lane in the Viennese art scene as an award-winning songwriter and co-founder of the music duo JUNGLE JADE. In her role as workshop coach, Yelvilaa guides participants to tap into the potential of collective growth and offers tools for artist empowerment.


Empowerment Workshop mit Yelvilaa Bodomo

14. Dezember 2023

16.00-19.00 Uhr

Freunde Salon, Garnisongasse 11, 1090 Wien



Um junge Künstler:innen mit Flucht- und Migrationsbiografie zu unterstützen, startet AVALON, das Mentoring-Programm für angehende Künstler:innen.

Avalon ist ein Erasmus+ Projekt, das Fremde werden Freunde gemeinsam mit dem Bratislava Policy Institute durchführt.

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Fremde werden FreundeEmpowerment Workshop mit Yelvilaa Bodomo