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We Discuss TedTalks -17.03


We have a beautiful, brilliant brain that can do a lot of things. But it is also acts like a little kid when it has the chance

There is the hormone called “Dopamine” and it is my favourite. For one reason: It is responsible for happiness and excitement. I don’t know about you but I like to be happy and excited.

This joyful hormone gets produced when we accomplish great goals, go out with the person we love and finish a hard task. In short words it gets produced when you do hard, valuable things.

BUT, just like every good horror story it might start with a laughing face but beware, it ends badly – This hormone gets produced when we also get likes on insta, comments on Facebook, texts on WhatsApp, smoke and drink. It is a very addictive hormone.

What do you think our minds would choose to do so it can feel happy? Work or Insta? Study or WhatsApp? I think both of us know the answer.

Companies like Insta and Facebook are designing every inch of the platform to get dopamine to be released, why? So we can come back, as we always do;)

Now the question is, Is this going to limit our accomplishments?

Are we kinda “imprisoned”?

Are we making a big deal out of it?

On Wednesday, 17.03 at 19:00 we will be discussing the video “This Is Why You Don’t Succeed – Simon Sinek on The Millennial Generation” on zoom. You can find it on YouTube!

Here is the zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/92461203930…

join in the live conversation on Wednesday!


Meis & Philippe

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