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Tayla Myree – Reclaiming Representations am 3. Mai

Tayla Myree – Reclaiming Representations am 3. Mai: As part of the exhibition „fruit, seeds“, Tayla Myree invites you to a tour of „In Your Archives“. Followed by a workshop on May 3 at 6 p.m. in the Volkskundemuseum Wien, Room 8. The event is open to BPOC (Black and People of Color).

Reclaiming Representations invites Black and People of Color to reimigine caricatured representations in Austria and greater Europe  – via a small tour of the work In Your Archives. The tour is followed by a discussion and workshop on how to reimagine representations  – not only in material culture but generally in the Austrian/European context.

Total time for the event should be 2 hours.

The goals of the workshops are to build community with people of color in the Vienna, to imagine how these representations have been challenged and how this work can be continued.


Trigger Warning
This work shows racist depictions of Black people found in Austrian flea markets, antique stores, and thrift stores.

Artist Biography
Tayla Myree is a visual artist and historian based in Vienna, Austria. Her work deals with the politics of memory and identity primarily in relation to Blackness as well as other marginalized identities. She explores these topics through the mediums of film, photography, prose, and sound. Tayla currently holds a Masters Degree in Comparative History from Central European University. She is currently a part of the Video and Video Installation Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


Tayla Myree – Reclaiming Representations am 3. Mai

Event open to BPOC (Black and People of Color)

May 3rd 2024, 6 pm

Volkskundemuseum Wien, Room 8



„fruit, seeds“ is a multimedia group exhibition by which the artists intentionally locate and expose themselves and their works in the between, the “still fi guring out” and the (un)becoming – a process which requires constant watering, so as to reap what is sown.

Artists: Yuliana Pineda, Ariella Bowen, Sedra Hamami, Merit Hanna, Aljeen Hasan, Katherine Duque Leon, Alba Hurtado, Tayla Myree, Moses Omeogo, Banan Sakbani, Ami Siregar, Esmail Sultani

Mentors:  Luna Al-Mousli, Francesca Badea, Olga Belaya, Tonica Hunter, Luciana Matuk, Farila Neshat, Kateryna Orlova-Guzova, Barbara Pacholik, Poonam Krishna Pawar, Natália Polanská

curated by: Tonica Hunter

The exhibition runs until May 3rd at @volkskundemuseumwien


“fruit, seeds” takes place in the framework of the Avalon Mentoring programme, which brings together emerging young artists with established artists and mentors in the cities of Vienna and Bratislava. AVALON is an Erasmus+ Project that Fremde werden Freunde is implementing together with the Bratislava Policy Institute.

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Fremde werden FreundeTayla Myree – Reclaiming Representations am 3. Mai